Name: Caesar
Age: 17
Location: Scotland
Personality: infp
fav drink: orange juice
"Her beauty captivated me utterly."
I'm Caesar, or Ban as some like to call me, I'm 17 years old and live in Scotland in the UK, I study art and history and plan to take courses in animation. I'm heavily influenced by anime and love mobbage games.

I talk about Ensemble stars and Aichuu mostly, but I also love mob psycho 100, Show By Rock,fire Emblem, Love live and other stuff.


I have a byf it looks lengthy and long and "edgy" but i promise you it's just for precaution mostly. I suffer from Depression and general anxiety disorder. I take meds for these so I should keep my dperessive episodes off my main account (@idolroad). If I do anything wrong feel free to dm me and educate me or tell me off. So here's my BYF:

  1. If you ship Izumako romantically, it makes me highly uncomfortable and I tend to trash on it from time to time (mostly on my private)
  2. You use the terms shota/loli/trap, even if you don't condone the meanings (slightly different for loli) still using it to describe a character is kinda ew
  3. You're close with @/lsaruru unless we're already friends [don't ask i'll probably remove this after a bit lol]
  4. You HATE eichi tenshounin or bakugo katsuki[ this is for your own safety bc i like both of the characters, not where i condone their actions but i do find them interesting and i know they arent everyones cup of tea]
  5. you apply general byf shit, please don't follow me if you ship incest pairings like reiritsu or aoicest i dont even want to explain why and for your own sake if you ship it for "coping" bc for me i dont cope with incest pairings due to my own experiences with said topic so thanks.

As for Kins and Comfort characters, I don't have "kins" but I do have ID'S, I don't claim to be them but they do help me cope with my identity issues and loneliness, moreso that a comfort character.You're all okay to follow if you "kin" as them too, I don't really mind.

  • Koga Oogami [ Ensemble Stars! ]
  • Crow [ Show By Rock! ]
  • Ban Jumonji [ Aichuu ]
  • (?) Todoroki Shouto [BNHA]

As for comfort characters please talk to me about them, talk to me about your comfort characters too if you have any. I should state that I have TWO very main comfort ships that I talk a lot about, mostly the biggest one being Makoto Yuuki / Mao Isara.

The other one is Midori Takamine / Shinobu Sengoku. I talk about these ships a lot and if they make you uncomfy feel free to softblock me. my comfort characters are:

  • Makoto Yuuki [ Ensemble stars!]
  • Shinobu Sengoku [Ensemble stars!]
  • Satsuki Kururugi [Aichuu]
  • Mutsuki Kururugi [Aichuu]
  • RE:BERSERK [Aichuu]
  • Cyan + Aion [SB69]
  • Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka and Mao Isara [Ensemble stars!]
  • Kirishima Eijirou, Urakara Ochako, Iida Tenya, Midoriya Izuku [BNHA]
. . . . . . . .
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3. lets go! I<3B
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